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FATHER OF TWO FOUND NOT GUILTY OF OVI: Our client, a veteran, was driving home after visiting a friend that he served with in the military who was having a hard time. He was pulled over by a Trooper after he sat at a green light for 12 seconds and then did not use his turn signal. The Trooper asked our client to submit to field sobriety tests after he witnessed fumbling with paperwork, smelled an odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the vehicle, and saw that his eyes were bloodshot and glassy. Our client was cooperative with the Trooper and agreed to submit to any test that he could but alerted the Trooper to the fact that he was medically discharged from the military due to ankle injuries. After submitting to the HGN and Walk and Turn tests, which he allegedly failed, the Trooper arrested him for OVI. Our client was adamant—and the video corroborated—that he was not impaired. Wes and Chelsea took the case to trial and both the Trooper and our client testified. The jury found our client NOT GUILTY of OVI.


MAN WITH PRIOR OVI AND PRIOR REDUCTION AVOIDS JAIL TIME: Our client, a Kroger employee, was charged with Physical Control after he was found passed out in his car. He was on probation for an OVI already in another county and had another OVI charged reduced down to Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle. After lengthy voluntary treatment, including an alcohol assessment, AA meetings, and IOP, our client was sentenced to probation in lieu of jail on the new charge and was successfully discharged from his previous probation without any sanctions.


CDL DRIVER SAVES JOB: Our client hired us after his case was over. He had a different attorney that represented him on an OVI charge and that attorney was able to get the charge reduced down to a non-OVI. However, our client was licensed out of Kentucky and was being told by the Kentucky DMV that his suspension for refusing the breath test was still barring him from being able to drive. After communicating with our client’s employer, the Kentucky DMV, the Ohio BMV, and the prosecutor, we were able to effectively clear up the suspension so that our client could keep his job as a CDL driver.


HIT SKIP CHARGE DISMISSED:Our client was charged with hit-skip after he ran into a pole while driving his work truck. He was unaware of the requirement that he needed to stay at the site of the accident to provide his information. However, he was properly insured and had no record. The case was dismissed in its entirety without our client ever having to appear in court.

CLIENT FOUND NOT GUILTY ON THREE COUNTS OF VEHICULAR HOMICIDE:  Wes and Chelsea’s client was charged with negligently causing the death of three pedestrians crossing Roberts Road on the west side of Columbus.  After a lengthy investigation and numerous court dates, they proceeded to trial.  The State presented evidence from multiple witnesses at the scene, police officers, and an accident reconstructionist.  We presented our own witness testimony and our client’s testimony.  The jury reached a unanimous verdict and found our client not guilty of all charges.

GRANDMOTHER GETS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CHARGE DISMISSED: Officers responded to a domestic disturbance call after an argument between a mother and her adult son over house responsibilities. Eventually, the mother was charged with Domestic Violence and Assault. The son did not want to prosecute as he and his mother were very close and she looked after his son and her other grandchildren. After a few months of negotiations and some counseling, the mother’s charges were dismissed and expunged.

CDL DRIVER KEEPS LICENSE AND JOB:  Wes represented a client charged with OVI, OVI High Test and Marked Lanes.  His client had a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), which he needed to maintain in order to keep his job as a truck driver.  Wes was able to work out a plea bargain for his client in which the client pled to a Physical Control Violation and a dismissal of all other charges.  This plea resulted in 0 points, no license suspension of any kind, and our client being able to keep his job and career.

PRIOR CLIENT AVOIDS 158 DAYS IN JAIL: A prior client was alleged to have violated his probation after submitting to a random oral drug/alcohol screen. The screen came back positive for 7 of 10 drugs even though the client strongly denied using any drugs or alcohol. He was facing 158 days in jail. After two court dates with Chelsea Lund, the client avoided any additional jail time and was continued on the same probational supervision without any sanctions.

WEAPON CHARGES DISMISSED:  Wes represented a client charged with Aggravated Menacing and Unlawful Restraint.  He was alleged to have thrown dangerous objects at his girlfriend, locking her in a room, and pointing a gun at her and threatening to pull the trigger.  Wes got the charges completely dismissed and the record was sealed.

DOCTOR AVOIDS ALCOHOL CONVICTION AFTER BREATH TEST: A doctor was originally pulled over for speeding (81MPH in a 65MPH) and a marked lanes violation. After submitting to a series of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests administered by a trooper, she was charged with OVI. She submitted to a breath test and after blowing over the legal limit, she was also charged with OVI Per Se. She hired Chelsea Lund. After over 5 months of representation, the breath test was dismissed and she pleaded to a reckless driving ticket as a fourth degree misdemeanor. All additional charges were dismissed. Her medical license was not impacted by the conviction.

OVI IMPAIRED AND BREATH TEST DISMISSED:  Wes represented a client charged with OVI, OVI per se and speed.  His client was allegedly driving 57 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour zone. When he was stopped by the police, they smelled an odor of alcohol, and asked how much he had to drink.  His client admitted drinking four beers and then failed the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs). Wes was able to get all three charges completely dismissed.

DIESEL MECHANIC AVOIDS LICENSE SUSPENSION: A man got into an accident after leaving his brother’s bachelor party. Officers responded and suspected him of driving while impaired, so they asked him to submit to field sobriety tests. After completing those tests, the man was charged with OVI. He blew .098%. His biggest concern was losing his job with an OVI conviction. He also was concerned about a violation of probation in Union County from an unrelated incident. After nearly 7 months of representation with Chelsea Lund, he was able to avoid an OVI conviction. He pleaded to an amended Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle charge with no license suspension. Additionally, he was not violated on probation in Union County.

CLIENT CHARGED WITH SECOND OFFENSE OVI ENTER GUILTY PLEA TO SLOW SPEED:  Wes represented a client charged with slow speed, lane straddling, OVI Impaired, and OVI refusal.  The police officer who pulled him over witnessed several traffic violations and stopped our client on suspicion of OVI.  Once the officers got to his car, they noticed our client was avoiding eye contact, had bloodshot, glassy eyes, and an odor of alcohol on his breath.  He struggled to provide his license and proof of insurance and his speech was slow and slurred.  He was placed under arrest and refused the breath test, which subjected him to a minimum jail sentence of 20 consecutive days.  In order to keep his job, our client had to be able to insure his driver’s vehicles and therefore could not have any sort of license suspension and wanted to avoid jail altogether.  Wes was able to negotiate a plea deal where his client paid a $150 fine, completed a Driver’s Intervention Program, and got every charged besides the slow speed completely dismissed.

OLD CASE ISSUE ON WARRANT DISMISSED:  Over Memorial Day weekend, a tattoo artist was stopped for speeding and subsequently arrested for an active warrant from an incident in 2017 in Zanesville with an ex-girlfriend. He was unaware this warrant existed. After hiring Freeman & Lund, Chelsea was able to walk his girlfriend through the process of posting bond so he did not have to wait through the long weekend to see a judge. He was charged with Criminal Damaging, a misdemeanor of the second degree carrying up to 90 days in jail. After over a month of representation, the case was dismissed.

2nd OFFENSE OVI OFFENDER GETS OVI DISMISSED AND AVOIDS MANDATORY JAIL: Our client was pulled over by New Albany PD for failing to reinstate his license. There was no bad driving witnessed by the officers. After the officers spoke with him, they indicated they smelled an odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle. Our client admitted to consuming two (2) beers earlier in the evening. He was then asked to submit to Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, which the officers alleged he failed. He was arrested and charged with OVI. He refused to submit to a breath test. He was placed under an immediate license suspension from the BMV for 2 years and was not eligible for driving privileges for a minimum of 90 days. Given the fact that he had a prior OVI conviction in 2014, our client was facing a mandatory minimum sentence of 20 days in jail, a $525 fine, an alcohol assessment, and an interlock device as a condition of driving. However, after hiring Freeman & Lund, Attorney Chelsea Lund reviewed the evidence and noticed constitutional issues with the arrest. She was able to get the OVI and OVI Refusal charges dismissed in Licking County. Our client served no jail time, was ordered to pay a $50 fine, and was able to get his license back with full privileges reinstated after only 2 months.

OSU SENIOR AVOIDS EXPULSION:   Our client, a senior at OSU, was contacted by The Office of Institutional Equity after receiving allegations that he violated the university’s Sexual Misconduct Policy. The allegations were related to an altercation with his ex-girlfriend. Criminal charges were filed for Assault and a petition for a Civil Protection Order was also filed. If he was found to be responsible for violating the Sexual Misconduct Policy, he could be facing sanctions including potential expulsion. After hiring Freeman & Lund, Attorney Chelsea Lund worked closely with our client’s attorney for the criminal/CPO cases to reach a joint resolution. The OIE investigation was dismissed and our client did not receive any sanctions from OSU.

HUSBAND AND WIFE AVOID THEFT CONVICTIONS:  Our clients were charged with theft, which is a first degree misdemeanor and carries a maximum penalty of up to 180 days in jail and $1000 fine, after they were stopped by Loss Prevention at Walmart. The allegations were that they were not ringing up all of the items in their cart at the self-scan stations. After hiring Freeman & Lund, both husband and wife took a theft education program and pleaded to minor misdemeanors. Neither client served jail time.

HUSBAND AND WIFE AVOID THEFT CONVICTIONS:  Our clients were charged with theft, which is a first degree misdemeanor and carries a maximum penalty of up to 180 days in jail and $1000 fine, after they were stopped by Loss Prevention at Walmart. The allegations were that they were not ringing up all of the items in their cart at the self-scan stations. After hiring Freeman & Lund, both husband and wife took a theft education program and pleaded to minor misdemeanors. Neither client served jail time.

CIVIL STALKING PROTECTION ORDER GRANTED AFTER FULL HEARING:  Our client was the petitioner for a Civil Stalking Protection Order. He was seeking the protection order against his girlfriend’s estranged husband after receiving several threatening text messages and even some pictures which implied he was being followed. After hearing testimony of both parties and additional witnesses, a judge granted our client a one-year protection order and ordered the estranged husband to stay away from our client.

ASSAULT CHARGE RESULTING IN BROKEN NOSE PLEADED DOWN:  Our client was charged with assault after an argument at work with his co-worker escalated into a fight. The other party suffered a broken nose. After hiring Freeman & Lund, our client immediately sought treatment for anger management; additionally, he was re-diagnosed as bipolar and began to work again with his doctor and therapist to manage his medication. He eventually pleaded to an amended charge of Disorderly Conduct and placed on non-reporting probation. He was represented by Attorney Chelsea Lund.

CLIENT WITHDRAWS GUILTY PLEA TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE:  Our client was charged with Domestic Violence and Assault. While he was in jail, he entered a guilty plea to Domestic Violence. His immigration attorney told him that he would likely be deported. He contacted Freeman & Lund and we discovered that our client was not read immigration consequences on the date of the plea. We filed a motion on his behalf and the case was set for an oral hearing. The hearing was successful and the plea was withdrawn.

CLIENT GETS CIVIL PROTECTION ORDER DISMISSED:  Our client had a Civil Protection Order filed against him for an altercation that occurred at a local hospital. Our client had major concerns about having a protection order on his record and losing all of his firearms as a result of this case. His niece, who filed the order, wrote that our client argued with her, grabbed her, and punched her in the hospital room. Our client denied the allegations, so the case was set for a full hearing. At the all-day hearing, the Judge ended up dismissing the petition.

SECOND OFFENSE OVI CHARGE REDUCED TO PHYSICAL CONTROL:Our client was charged with OVI, OVI refusal with a prior, and speed. He was looking at a minimum of 20 days in jail, a $525 fine, and a license suspension with interlock. He had a full-time job at the Fire Department and was also in school. He was very concerned about the potential job impact as a firefighter. Attorney Wes Freeman was able to negotiate a reduction to a Physical Control, without the 20 days in jail, the interlock, or any other serious consequences.

FIREFIGHTER AVOIDS OVI CONVICTION AND LICENSE SUSPENSION:  Our client, a firefighter, was charged with an OVI after striking parked cars and rolling his vehicle. He had previously been charged with an OVI in 2020, which Attorney Chelsea Lund handed and was able to negotiate a plea bargain. He again hired Chelsea and was able to avoid an OVI conviction on the new case as well. He also was able to avoid a mandatory license suspension so that he could continue working. His probation for the 2020 case was also extended with no consequences.

THIRD ALLEGATION OF VIOLATING A PROTECTION ORDER AVOIDS JAIL:  Our client is a Chase employee and was charged with Violating a Protection Order against his ex-wife. This was his third VPO charge since the protection order had been issued. The allegation was that our client requested to follow his ex-wife on LinkedIn. Given his previous record, the prosecutor originally wanted our client to serve 30 days in jail. After months of representation, Attorney Chelsea Lund was able to negotiate a plea to an amended charge with a fine only. Our client did not serve any time in jail.

TAG VIOLATION DISMISSED:  Our client pulled herself over after realizing that an officer was following her because she wanted to make sure it didn’t appear like she was fleeing. Upon contact with the officer, he alleged that our client’s tag was not fully visible. He asked her to get out of her vehicle because he wanted to search for drugs, even though there was no evidence of any drug use or drug possession. After a thorough search by the K9 unit, no drugs or drug paraphernalia were found. The officer charged our client with a minor misdemeanor tags violation. After hiring Attorney Chelsea Lund, the case was dismissed by the prosecutor at the first court date. Our client did not have to appear in court at all or pay any court costs.


“Wes and Chelsea have helped me in multiple ways; they maintain professionalism while helping support their clients.  They offer a sense of relief during a stressful time, they are consistent with keeping you up to date and they understand.  They make you feel better no matter what and have good standing with the court system that you have to deal with.  I appreciate all that this law firm has done for me.  You are in good hands trusting Wes and Chelsea if you need a defense!” J.T.


“Thanks so much u saved my job.” C.E.


“Thank you so much. I seriously appreciate all of your help more than you’ll ever know.” S.T.


“Want you to know how much I appreciate everything you have and continue to do.” A.K.

“Hi Chelsea! I just wanted to say thank you again for all that you’ve done for me these past few months. I’m so happy with the outcome and can’t thank you enough!” C.R.

“Hi Chelsea! I just want to say thank you for working on my case. My life has been a lot better since we had you defending me and I just want to say I appreciate you.” B.J.


“Chelsea; thank you for the guidance, advocacy and support through all this. I have appreciated it. I am very thankful for the outcome and know it could have been so much worse on many fronts. I will reach out with any questions. If there is anything you need from me in the future please let me know.

Thanks again Chelsea.”  K.P.

“In 2019 I had a little too much to drink in the campus area and had a run-in with police that resulted in an arrest. I had no idea what to do the next day, this was the first time I had been arrested but a friend referred me to a law firm. After my initial client intake with the firm, Wes Freeman was the lawyer to pick up my case. He was incredibly helpful in sympathizing with my situation, his compassion and clear explanation of a very unfamiliar process helped keep me together in a difficult time. He was always quick to respond to any questions and worked diligently to make sure I was aware of next steps and clarified anything I asked around court proceedings. I would absolutely recommend Wes to anyone seeking legal counsel.

In late 2020 I unfortunately had my 2nd (and final) interaction with police that required legal advice and representation. This was more serious than my previous mistake so I was not only incredibly disappointed in myself but also terrified of the consequences of my actions. I was quick to call the same law firm since I was treated so well previously and Chelsea Lund was the lawyer to pick up my case. Chelsea was so knowledgeable and clearly explained an even more complicated legal scenario to me while also being compassionate and kind. My cases were longer to resolve this time but Chelsea was constantly in communication and always willing and happy to answer my questions. I hope to never require their services again, but if I’m ever asked for advice on an attorney, Freeman & Lund would be my first and only suggestion.”   J.B.

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